Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The kids bathroom is calling...Day 3

Today's zone on Fly Lady is the bathrooms. I am not big on cleaning bathrooms because I have visions of gross germs floating through my head and I especially hate the kids bathroom. We have a bathroom upstairs that is by the kids bedrooms, they are the only ones that use it and for some reason they forget everything I tell them to do and that bathroom is always a mess. Soap spilled all over the sink, tooth paste dried in the sink, etc. Because I hate that bathroom so much, I procrastinate cleaning it, thereby making it even worse!!!! But today I decided to start keeping up with Fly lady's zones and I tackled the kids bathroom!

I have also kept my sink shiny for 3 days now and you can see I started my control journal (the journal fly lady wants you to start the keeps all of the daily routines, weekly routines, etc. that we implement!). I am encouraged and making progress!

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