Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Great $1 collapsable sorting bags at Target!

I ran to Target today with my "4 kids yo" in tow (my hubby had that as my license plate last year and ever since then my kids refer to themselves collectively as 4 kids yo) and we found these collapsable bags in the dollar section at Target. They were actually marked like $2.50 but they are now a screaming deal at $1 a bag. I was super excited to find these b/c I went to Target looking for something just like this and I was thrilled to find it for sooooo cheap! I am starting to de clutter as part of my fly lady regimen begins and she suggest using a box or bin for 1. put away things 2. give away things and 3. throw away things! These brightly colored bags fit the bill and collapse for easy storage!

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