Sunday, November 28, 2010

Using things from outside for my table setting: a last minute design idea!

For the last couple of years, Thanksgiving has been at my home but it has been very informal because of the busyness of all the little ones. I was overwhelmed enough with taking care of my four little ones and getting the Thanksgiving stuff ready that I didn't bother to create a table arrangement. At the very last minute, the day before, I decided it would be nice to make a simple table setting. I didn't have much to work with and I didn't have the time or budget to go out and buy something. (Of course, if I was a more organized person, I probably could have come up with something much nicer and much more creative a few weeks ago) I found an old small crate that was actually part of a Melissa and Doug food set my kids got a couple of years ago.....I quickly did a light coat of white spray paint so that it could be the base of my centerpiece. I used some small pumpkins we had left over from halloween, some festive hazelnuts and other nuts in the shells to fill in the crate. I used a small plastic plant that I already had sitting out in a simple white ceramic container as the main part of the piece. Then I had my kids go outside and get some sticks and some little acorn type nuts that fall off of a tree we have out in our front yard. I hot glued the acorns to the sticks and put them into the top of the greenery of the plant. I then used the rest of the acorns to hot glue onto a folded ribbon and some burlap strips I cut up for the napkin holders. It was a simple table design that added a little fall festiveness to our Thanksgiving meal! Oh, and the little cutie making a sneak appearance in the pic is my oldest son, who was so proud of what he helped me with!

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