Friday, November 5, 2010

I Love Painting Furniture!

I have developed a new love.....painting furniture. I don't have a budget to go out and buy new pieces of furniture (or at least I don't have a budget to pay much for furniture) but I love how painting, distressing, and glazing can make an old or ugly piece of furniture something totally great! We had a small dresser/nightstand that my husband had years ago as a teenager. We hung on to it but had it relegated to our guest room that has always been on my "to do" list of things I want to decorate and I just have never gotten to it. I was in a mood to change things up and I decided this piece would be the perfect thing to makeover and locate in a completely different area of our house! So, here is the before, notice the orange toned wood stain and the lovely brass hardware!

I used a spray primer so that I would not have to sand it much, then I painted it an aqua color. I did some distressing and then I glazed it with a brown glaze to tone down the brightness of the aqua! Then I sprayed on a polyacrylic coating and voila! Oh and I spray painted the hardware in bronze so they would be a lot more muted! This is now in a hallway near our kitchen and family room and I am thrilled with it!

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