Saturday, November 6, 2010

My new found love, Part 2

My husband and I found this file cabinet that looks like a dresser at a garage sale. It is a very heavy solid wood piece of furniture. It was originally a very nice piece but a dog chewed on the lower corners and on the legs, it was scratched up and had some permanent marker drawings on it....other than that, it was in great condition. To our astonishment, we snagged this piece for $15. Our office is also our guest room so I thought this file cabinet would be perfect.....totally practical for our office needs but nice enough to to go in our guest room. I decided to make over this piece, so here is the before.

Here is the file cabinet with a light coating of spray primer.

After priming it, I painted it white, distressed it and then did a light glazing. I finished it off with a polyacrylic coating. The picture below does not do it justice, I am super happy with it. My hubby did not see my vision but was really happy with the end result!

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