Friday, July 2, 2010

While we are talking about quinoa....

Since we are on the topic of quinoa, here is a mexican quinoa salad recipe from, the nourishing gourmet, that I plan on preparing this weekend as we celebrate the fourth of July weekend. I have had a very similar quinoa salad before (just like the one in the above picture) that was excellent, so I can't wait to give this mexican version a try. Update...I made it over the holiday weekend and we really enjoyed it. It was light with a very nice flavor, we will definitely make again.

I love very flavorful foods and I am often skeptical of "health" foods because people often claim they taste good when I am often left disappointed. I truly have been surprised with quinoa because I have a few fairly picky eaters in my household and the taste of quinoa has not been an issue. The other thing I really appreciate about quinoa is that it is very can go from being mixed into taco meat or spaghetti sauce to being the main component in a refreshing salad. If you have not yet tried it, this salad may be a good start!

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