Monday, July 5, 2010

Produce Co-op: Saving money and expanding my food horizons!

I have participated in a local produce co-op on and off for the last year or so. Every other week you sign up to pick up a produce basket that is a mix of half fruits and half vegetables. They often offer other things like breads or cases of apples, tomatoes, etc. The quality of the produce is generally very good; often a lot of the produce is local and the price is great! The challenge for me is that we sometimes get things in our produce basket that I are very foreign to what we normally eat. On the one hand, I like being pushed to try new things, but on the other, if I am not purposeful in figuring out what to do with the unfamiliar produce, it can often go to waste (therefore I am not being frugal). This week we got brussels sprouts! Of course I have heard of brussels sprouts but I am a bit embarrassed to say I have never tried one. So I was determined that I would stay the course in being a good steward of our resources and wanted to therefore make sure I used them this week. I found a simple recipe online, courtesy of Ina Garten on, and roasted them with salt, pepper, garlic and olive oil (I added the garlic). The kids were not real big fans, but my hubby and I enjoyed them! I was so glad we tried them and of course, I felt really good that they did not go to waste!

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