Sunday, August 8, 2010

Paying with cash.....update

In the last few months, we have started paying cash for all our purchases. We have had to tweak our budget quite a bit to get to a really workable place and we are still tweaking it, but it is working! I will admit it is a big change to use cash all of the time when you are used to using a card for everything, but once you get passed the learning curve, its not a big deal. I have found that it really does help me spend less and be a lot more frugal because I know that if I only have $70 left in my grocery budget for the month I don't waste those dollars on stuff that we don't really need. The irony for me of sticking to a tight budget is that I find it freeing because I know we are living within our means and we are working towards a goal. I know I am not over spending or buying things that my husband may say "why did you spend that much money on that!" So, for any one that is at a point where you feel like your spending habits need to change, I highly suggest you try paying for everything with cash. Its crazy that everyone used to operate this way not so long ago and now we are totally dependent on debit and credit cards! Being free from that dependency is also really freeing!

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